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Caturday Caterpillar

A adorable little Kitty!!

Cute Overload


and after!

“Mmunchphy vwsmunchtmsdy.” (means, “Oh Hai.”)

It all really started when a nice hoomin discovered Mr. Munchabunch had hitched a ride home on a new houseplant.

Seeing how much Mr. Munchabunch really, really, really liked the new plant the nice hoomin was happy to let him stay and named him, John.

John liked the new name and decided to hang around for awhile.

John became very attached to the new houseplant.

(If you’re the impatient type, skip to the next frame)

Ta-DAAAA! Now, where’s my nectar cocktail!

“This is a serious cutemergency. I’ve come to you for help in spreading this amazing story all over teh interwebs.” -Dora N.
Cat-erpillar, via Emergency Kittens.

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The Mostest Ultimate Interspecies Super Snorgling Evah

Gotta watch this, so Awesome!!

Cute Overload

This one came zooming in from Erich D. in Florida, who saw it on The Facebook. But we couldn’t use THAT link ‘cuz it wasn’t gonna work or…something. Of course, one quicko search on The YouTube and here we are! Since it happens to be the first day of Dolphin Awareness Month, let’s roll that video!

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Captain’s Table Superbowl // Mini Rum-Glazed Shrimp Tacos with Boozy Tropical Salsa

Looks good, doesn’t it!!

Katie at the Kitchen Door

Mini Rum-Glazed Shrimp Tacos with Boozy Tropical Salsa {Katie at the Kitchen Door} #captainstable #superbowl

I forgot how soul-sucking winter is. Maybe I purposefully blocked it out. The only mental note I seem to have left for myself from last winter was “plan a warm vacation for February or March, you’ll need it.” And I did that, we’re going to Ecuador in March and I can’t wait, but still: soul-sucking. The cold has turned my usually pleasant 15 minute walk to the subway into 15 minutes of breath-stealing torture. The other day my breath was actually freezing on my eyelashes and then melting onto my face every time I blinked. The other Bostonian commuters and I have been reduced to a pair of eyes surrounded by layers of black wool, and that small open part of my cheeks that my scarf doesn’t cover are perpetually windburnt. So even though we try our best to stick with root veggies and dried beans and hearty winter greens…

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Oh Thank Heaven

Awww, How Cute!!

Cute Overload

For weimie puppies seven!

Is seven a leetle too much to take all at once? Sorry, let’s try two at a time.

Still overboard? How about one at a time?

Can you handle one sleppeh + belleh + floppeh puppeh?

How about just sleppeh?

Hope the smoosh face isn’t overdoing it.

If you’ve made it this far then a sprinkle of flowers on top should be no problem!

“Some photos of some weimaraner puppies.” Photographer, Cindilla T.

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